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This car came to our shop with major water leaks from another glass shop
Upon pulling the windshield out, we found alot of rust and holes
Rust and holes happened from improper use of adhesives and primers during the previous install
Is your glass shop using the proper installation procedures? Don't let this happen to you....
We only use the proper and safe installation adehesives, primers, and procedures to having you driving away safely!

Have you ever had a windshield water leak?  It is probably due to an improper windshield installation.

Whether straight from the factory or from a recent replacement.  We find unfortunately that some glass companies cut corners on their installations.  They are not using the proper primers and adhesives.  When they do that, later on down the road you may have water leaks or worse.  An improper windshield installation can damage your car and put your life at risk.  For the *safety* of your family, be sure to check with your glass shop to make sure they are following the proper guidelines in your installation.  Or this could happen to you...

Rust Repair It doesn't look so bad. Why is my windshield leaking?
Rust Repair Upon pulling the w/s out we discovered and showed our customer exactly why.
Rust Repair Luckily we are fully equipped to fix rust damage behind your windshield.
Rust Repair But if you choose the right glass shop you won't have to spend unnecessary money on repairs in the future.
Rust Repair Look below at more pictures of improper installs that we have fixed...
Rust Repair  
Here is where it starts...
We then grind and prime
Have to fill up the rust holes
Bonded and ready to reinstall the windshield
Toyota T100
Pretty bad rust
After grinding the rust down
Primed and ready to set the windshield.
Before this truck came to our shop, the windshield had only been installed 14 months from a company up north.

It is very important for the safety of you and your family to have a proper windshield installation.
How well do you think these windshields would have held up in an accident?  Not very well indeed.

That's why we only use *DOW* Adhesives and follow their safety standards for a safe and worry free install.